Are You Faux Real?

Are You Faux Real?

My eyebrows raise a lot of questions, namely what I use to make them so thick and dark. The truth? Nothing! I simply get them threaded regularly, and fill them in with either pencil or gel depending on my mood.

While I may have been blessed in the eyebrow department, my eyelashes have clearly been lacking.

I always recommend Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil to friends and clients with sparse brows, and have seen what huge a difference it makes in helping their hair grow! I thought I’d take my own advice and try it on my lashes as I have such short and sparse downward facing lashes, that from a distance, my eyes look bald!

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which boosts blood circulation to the follicles, increasing hair growth and omega-6 fatty acids which nourishes hair. It’s also full of vitamin e, minerals and proteins that are required for healthy hair.

I’ve started using it on my lashes every night with a disposable mascara wand. Within a week or so, I’ve noticed that my lashes have become a little fuller and longer. It isn’t a quick fix, it does take some time and patience, and it hasn’t solved the issue of downward facing lashes, but that’s a whole different ailment! -Watch my LVL Lash Lift to see how I curl my stubborn lashes!

Admittedly, I did suffer from the ‘castor oil in my eye’ issue on my first couple of attempts, but I’ve since then become proficient. I dip my wand into the bottle, and take all of the excess off the brush on the back of my hand. I’ve learnt not to soak the brush head completely into the oil, and use just  a tiny amount, concentrating on the base of my lashes.

I figured the reason I also get it in my eyes is because I normally sleep on my front – face buried in my pillow an’ all! So I took an old mascara that was clumpy and running out and poured some castor oil into it. On the days I wear no make-up or minimal make-up, I use that on my lashes. It adds a tiny bit of colour, while nourishing my lashes and promoting hair growth. It works a treat!

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time and patience, just fake it! – I sometimes do!

Let me know how you get on..


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