Matte liquid lipsticks have been the hottest thing in beauty for a couple of years now and by the looks of it, this trend is showing no signs of stopping. They are the lip equivalent of a one coat wonder and I for one am a huge fan. My collection has grown so much that my regular lipsticks are completely outnumbered by their liquid counterparts and I’m not even sorry!

I know that they can be drying on the lips and harder to remove, and though I may be biased as I don’t wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, there’s just something about the long lasting formulas and vibrant pigmentation of matte lipsticks that I’m drawn to.

Nishi V, burberry liquid lip velvet, www.nishiv.com

These Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet lipsticks are new to my collection, and they are no exception. I have three shades; Fawn, Bright Plum and Oxblood. Fawn is one of those nude tones that I reckon anyone can pull off. It’s my fav one of the trio as it is perfect for everyday wear and works effortlessly with any makeup look. Bright Plum is a beautifully bold pinky purple shade and Oxblood is a deep red shade (obvs) – both perfect for autumn/winter.

While I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen Bright Plum and Oxblood myself, I have been enjoying testing them out and experimenting with different looks. I must admit that I’m still not that keen on Oxblood as I find deep red and burgundy tones are quite ageing on me but I know that my Mum would welcome this shade with open arms.

Nishi V, burberry liquid lip velvet, www.nishiv.com

With a whipped, lightweight formula, these lipsticks feel slightly silicony on initial application first but they glide on effortlessly and instantly smooth out to a creamy texture on the lips. They are marketed as a matte lipstick, which they definitely aren’t – they’re more of a semi-matte, velvety finish, and they take quite a long time (around 10 – 15 minutes) to dry down.

Having said that, each shade is extremely pigmented, opaque and the formula is long lasting – everything you would want from a liquid lipstick. They last for around 7 hours on the lips, and almost leave a stain like finish so that they wear off evenly without becoming patchy. Genius.

Nishi V, burberry liquid lip velvet, www.nishiv.com

While this isn’t your traditional liquid lipstick as the finish isn’t as matte as you would expect it to be, the formula is extremely comfortable to wear for a long period of time which I think it a pretty good compromise. I really want to try more shades from this range, and I have my eye on Bright Crimson and Peach next. Have you tried any of these?

Priced at £26 each, these lipsticks aren’t innovative or revolutionary, but in true Burberry style, they offer up some classy frosted packaging and a sophisticated range of 14 shades (here).

Which shades would you go for?


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