Discipline Your Hair With The Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal Range

Discipline Your Hair With The Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal Range


You may know by now that I hate going to the hairdresser as much as other people hate going to the dentist and so I was really happy to receive the new Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal range to try out.

Not gonna lie, I have always had a love-hate relationship with my curly hair; it’s such a battle getting it to look good in it’s natural form, and the frizz is just a permanent resident unfortunately. Sadly, I’ve never found many products that work well for my hair type and so I was intrigued to try something new.

I have tried all of these products together and individually to find out what works well for me, and which ones I would repurchase. The packaging is beautiful and they all smell incredible; every time I use them, I feel as though I’ve had my hair done professionally, and I love it!


Masque Curl Idéal

This is an intense hair masque which is designed to control overly voluminous hair while restoring moisture. It smooths and softens the hair fibre and controls volume and frizz, and basically has my name written all over it!

This is definitely my favourite product in this range, my hair feels so soft every time I use it and not the usual tangled, rough straw that it normally resembles when I step out of the shower. The formula is very thick, and can be quite heavy if you have fine hair, but I find that it’s easy enough to comb through the lengths of my hair without it leaving it feeling greasy.

I usually leave it on for as long as I can, in fact, I once forgot that I had applied it in the afternoon and left it on overnight! Approximately fifteen hours later, I rinsed it out and washed it with the cleansing conditioner before styling, and honestly, my hair has never looked better!

I can’t describe just how dry and damaged my hair feels on a daily basis, after years of colour damage and trying every product under the sun. The combination of the mask, cleansing conditioner and oléo curl cream is perfection! It was the first time I felt like I have ‘normal’ hair (whatever that means.)

Cleansing Conditioner Curl Idéal

This is a silicone and sulfate-free cleansing conditioner that promotes nourished curl definition with natural bounce and a smooth finish. The formula contains conditioning agents that protect the curls from friction, reducing the damage and tangles that curly hair is inevitably prone to.

Off the bat, I assumed this was just a conditioner as I have always used a separate shampoo and conditioner, but after looking closer at the packaging, I realised that it’s a two-in-one product – I mean, the clue is in the name really.

It washes hair without removing too much sebum like traditional shampoos can, and nourishes it at the same time. I’ve been trying to avoid products with sulphate in, so this is perfect, however this does mean that it doesn’t lather up. That doesn’t bother me so much any more as I have been using sulphate free shampoos for some time now and I’m used to it, but I used to feel like the lather meant it was cleaning my hair properly, which isn’t the case.

I used 7 pumps on wet hair and massaged it into my scalp and through the lengths of my hair. The pump makes dispensing the product easier and more efficient; it isn’t messy and you don’t waste any product. I love the smell of this, and the formula is creamy, nourishing and doesn’t weigh my hair down. It feels clean and light afterwards, with a little bounce, so it gets a huge thumbs up from me.


Oléo Curl

This is a definition, leave-in creme for unruly, curly hair, claiming to give curls shape and definition without rigidity and relax them with an anti-frizz action. It also contains a thermo-protective ingredient; Xylose which makes it perfect to use with a diffuser and curls are meant to feel smoother, supple, natural and look defined

The consistency is a lot thinner than I anticipated, it’s quite watery and flows out of the tube effortlessly. I used a small amount at first but my hair needs requires a lot of product and so I know that I will get through this very quickly.

I styled my hair in the usual way after washing it; I towel-dried it and applied the cream starting at the mid lengths of my hair, working my way down to the ends. Any remaining product was massaged into my scalp to define the curls all the way through.

Although my curls were slightly more defined and felt really smooth, the frizz was still very visible. I had high hopes for this as I find that cream products work better for my hair when it comes to tackling frizz but unfortunately it didn’t tame my hair.

It doesn’t feel heavy, which is what I think my hair needs and there was no product build-up two days later which is great but my hair felt very silky.. I know what you’re thinking, why would I complain about silky hair!? Silky translates as fluffy on my hair due to the texture and thickness, which then turns into frizz, so I think this would be better suited for finer hair types.

Having said that, used in conjunction with the masque, the frizz miraculously disappeared and so I would only this product once a week after I use the masque and conditioner.

Mousse Curl Idéal

This is a lightweight mousse, ideal for fine hair; claiming to reduce frizz and fix the curls’ movement and add bounce with no restrictions, no residue and perfect definition.

I normally stay away from mousse; even though I love the way it defines my curls, I don’t like the crisp feeling. I was pleasantly surprised by this one as my hair felt soft and natural, unlike any other mousse I have tried over the years.

I used five pumps, but it wasn’t enough to cover all of my hair, and I could have easily used half of the bottle for one application. The curls were somewhat fixed and looked great at first, however, my hair was still silky and frizzy.

Again, I can see how the mousse would work for somebody with short, fine hair, but for me there isn’t enough product in the bottle to cover the surface of my head!

These Kérastase products aren’t cheap by any means; the conditioner and mask are both £29 and the mousse and cream are £20.90. In an ideal world, I would love to use the masque, conditioner and cream together, all the time, but if like me, if your budget only allows for just one product, then I’d choose the mask every single time. It’s amazing if you have dry, damaged or coloured hair and you will only need to use it once a week, but it’s so worth it to keep your hair in great condition.

The Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal will be available to purchase in selected premium salons and online from May 2016.

Source: www.macgregor-hairdressing.co.uk.

What are your favourite frizz-tackling products for curly hair?

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