How To Spend A Day At Robinson Cyprus

bird's eye view of the pools at Robinson Cyprus

Robinson clubs offer a huge variety of top-quality sports, activities, food, drink and entertainment, so it’s not difficult to see why many people stay at these resorts for 12-15 days. Robinson Cyprus is no exception. Located on a beach in Alaminos, a short drive from Larnaca airport, it is the perfect destination for anyone searching for a luxury wellness holiday. There is plenty for everyone to do here, but if you really want to make the most of your day, read on for how best to spend a day at Robinson Cyprus.

Press Trip with Robinson, however, all views are entirely my own. Many thanks to Robinson Cyprus for hosting my stay. 
Alaminos beach and bird's eye view of Robinson Cyprus

How To Spend A Day At Robinson Cyprus

I would highly recommend downloading the Robinson App in advance. It’s really useful to see the timetable of activities that are on during your stay, book any classes, water sports, spa treatments and see what events are on. It is really simple to book on the app.

yoga studio overlooking the beach at robinson cyprus

Yoga On The Beach

Start your day with a 6am yoga class overlooking the beach – perfect if you are an early riser and want to make the most of your day. Something different to the norm, such as ‘Yoga Music Flow’ which is an evolution of Vinyasa yoga. There are plenty of different types of yoga classes to chose from, however with this one, you flow to the music in many sequences – be it punk rock, classical music or hip hop!

The yoga studio overlooks the beach, so I would personally head to the beach first to catch the sunrise. Currently, the sun rises at 5.30am in Larnaca (in June) – just in time for the first yoga class and a lovely way to start your day.

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breakfast platter at robinson cyprus with cold cuts, fruit, coffee, jams, porridge and chia pudding


Post yoga, I would hit the breakfast buffet in the main restaurant. There is a plethora of choice, from the most delicious Cypriot salads, fresh fruit, pastries, smoothies, a cooked breakfast and more. They even have the ultimate British staple breakfast item – baked beans.. What more could you ask for!?

Archery at Robinson Cyprus

If you have ever wanted to feel like Robin Hood, now is the perfect opportunity to experience that with an archery class! From beginners to more advanced classes, they show you how to use a bow and arrow correctly and train you to achieve the required mix of sporting discipline and inner balance. A somewhat surprising activity that requires calm, steadfastness and concentration.

Tennis courts, pool and sea view at robinson cyprus

Sports at Robinson Cyprus

If archery isn’t your thing, you can book a tennis court for an hour, a football pitch, play water polo, badminton or even beach volleyball. You can also hire a bike the surrounding areas independently or play urban golf; the options here are endless.

me kneeling on a paddleboard with windsurfers in the background

Water Sports At Robinson Cyprus

You can spend your morning floating away on a catamaran, try stand up paddleboarding (SUP) or windsurf and kitesurf up and over the waves. The hotel water sports station is open all day from 9am and offers daily introductions to equipment and activity areas, as well as modern, high-tech equipment for guests to use. There are beginners courses, private lessons and fitness classes to chose from.. or you can simply just rent the equipment if you’re already a pro.

Personally, I would book SUP which was the highlight of my trip!

I totally fell in love with SUP here, which encouraged me to try out other water sports in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Thank you Robinson Cyprus!

You can see clips of my amateur attempt in my youtube vlog. Put your balance, core strength and endurance to the test while enjoying the stunning scenery here at the beach in Alaminos.

view of the breeze bar at robinson cyprus

Breeze Bar

Next, you can head to the Breeze Bar for some refreshments; enjoy the view while sipping on a refreshing soda and lime or iced coffee. You can even have a light lunch here if you don’t fancy the main restaurant which is open from 12.30 – 2pm.

The resort is a cat lover’s heaven; there are plenty wandering (conveniently) around the bar and restaurant areas. The cats laze at your feet soaking up the endless sunshine. If you’re not a fan of cats when you arrive, you’re likely to be by the time you leave!

wellfit spa building at robinson cyprus

Well-Fit Spa At Robinson Cyprus

Enjoy some relaxation and let yourself be pampered by booking in for a spa treatment in the afternoon. Whether it’s a massage, beauty treatment or spending time in the sauna, the well-fit spa is the epitome of luxury; much needed for a wellness break.

I booked in for an algae detox wrap and let me tell you, it was heavenly. The therapist was lovely, the treatment as a whole felt very premium and I left feeling incredibly relaxed, detoxed and with baby soft skin.

There is also an indoor pool, 3 saunas, a steam room, gym and group fitness classes such as pilates and spin to enjoy here.

main pool at robinson cyprus

You’re likely to want to relax on a sun-lounger after your spa treatment. A couple of hours at the spa, followed by a dip in the water – be it at one of the pools or at the beach will help you slow the pace as you adjust to the laid-back vibe of the resort. Take some time to allow yourself to unwind and fall under the Cypriot spell.

Sundowners At The Beach Club

Grab a giant bean bag, a cocktail and watch the sun set over Alaminos beach between 4.30 and 6.30pm. The view is breathtaking, the live DJ plays excellent music and the vibe is chilled, before getting ready for dinner.

Table laid out for dinner overlooking the beach at Robinson Cyprus

Barbecue Dinner At The Breeze Bar

There are a few options for dinner; there is the main restaurant or the beach restaurant on selected evenings. Here you can have a BBQ overlooking the beach, and the experience is unlike any other. Waiters start by bringing out platters of delicious Cypriot mezze, tailored to your dietary requirements and then there is an a la carte menu to choose mains and dessert from.

Though it is a buffet, you place your order and once cooked, your name and order is shouted out from the BBQ area – it truly feels like an awards ceremony, particularly as people often cheer when something takes slightly longer to cook! You collect your plate, help yourself to the sides and are able order as many dishes as you like before moving on to dessert.

cauliflower steak dinner at the breeze bar robinson cyprus

Being a BBQ, there were no veggie or vegan options listed on the menu, but impressively, they brought out 3 mains each for us! Cauliflower steak with a coconut curry sauce and truffle mushrooms, a falafel burger and jambalaya! We couldn’t manage the jambalaya, but it was all delectable – the best dinner of our stay. Dessert was platters of numerous sweet treats including vegan baklava which was the biggest treat of them all – simply delicious!

ROBCarpet Dinner At Main restaurant

Robinson clubs host weekly gala events called ROBCarpet Dinners, with live music, food and drink as well as signature cocktails. Everyone dresses up on this evening as they have a strict dress code; black and white elegant.

The evening start with an aperitif on the wine terrace with live music, followed by dinner in the main restaurant. I have to say the dinner is no different to any other evening; a self service buffet, which I must admit is a bit of a faff when you are all dressed up and every guest is queuing for food at the same time. Dinner is followed by an entertainment show in the theatre; essentially like any other evening entertainment on holiday where the staff sing and dance on stage. I would say this is only really aimed at kids.

Personally, I’d skip the show and head straight to the pool bar for some signature cocktails, followed by live music.


If you still have the energy after your early start, there is an on-site nightclub that is open from midnight until 3am where you can dance the night away!

I hope that this post has given you some ideas on how to spend a day at Robinson Cyprus and make the most of all they have to offer.



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