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Holidaying in 2019: destinations everyone is talking about

While you’re young, travel as much of the world as you can and book that holiday you’ve dreamt of. You and your partner both deserve a romantic trip away with your other half, but often, an unfamiliar location brings the biggest dilemma — what to pack!

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

If you’re all about learning new things, you’ll appreciate the trip to Plovdiv as the historic culture is integral to the daily lives of the locals. But don’t think that history is all Plovdiv has to offer, as there is a great modern scene that is waiting for your arrival.

It’s always advised to have some idea of what you’ll be doing before boarding the aeroplane though. Will you be heading to the world’ most intact ancient theatre or taking a trip to an aviation museum? The choice is yours.

Packing your gear:

Although Bulgaria might often be sunny, you should also prepare for the rain — so remember to take a coat that can keep you warm and dry at all times. As well as this, you’ll need some viable walking boots for your outdoor adventures. 

You can’t visit this destination without packing a cute t-shirt that can be paired with loose fitting mom jeans and flat trainers. Take a backpack to keep your belongings in and a jacket for when you get cold walking back to your hotel.

For the evening excursions, pick out your favourite dress and take too many selfies in the hotel lobby. Remember to opt for a wedged boot too!

Krakow, Poland 

Krakow is a new destination on the list for many Brits. Flights to this city aren’t too pricey either, so it makes the perfect getaway for the most romantic day of the year while sticking to a budget!

From partying in the main square to visiting castles and cathedrals, make sure you have enough time to explore everything.

What to wear:

Stay casual for daytime adventures with a striped tee, leather jacket and some denim jeans. You can pull this outfit together with chunky boots or trainers — it’s entirely up to you!

Roll-neck jumpers are perfect for this destination, and you’ll fit right in with the locals. Pair these with some knee-high boots that are suitable for walking around the city with your other half. Dressing for a night out in Krakow can be fun, but for date night itself, be the star of the show with a sequin dress and matching jacket — and of course, heels!

Riga, Latvia 

Riga is known for its renowned architecture that can truly create a memorable trip away. This city has so much to offer, so you better be booking those flights!

You’ll need to visit some of the museums in this city and learn more about its history. As well as this, you can’t forget to take romantic strolls through the town centre with your bae!

What to wear:

If you’re heading out to the Old City for a romantic walk with your partner, opt for a simple tee and a neutral coloured jacket. Pair with jeans and boots and you’re sorted. 

Everyone loves relaxed fashion in Riga. However, you must remember your hats, gloves and scarves for when you’re walking back to your hotel!

For your trips to unique bistros during the day, you’ll need to pull out your favourite jeans and paid with a patterned shirt with a blazer. Opt for either heels or trainers! For date night however, choose a jumper dress and pair with some chunky heels. Don’t forget your faux fur panel jacket to stay on trend.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

If you haven’t booked a trip to Reykjavik already, now is your chance. You’ve seen the pictures of other couples on Instagram, so it’s only appropriate for it to be your turn!

Sit under the night sky and watch the stars while cuddling up to your boo. As well as this, you might enjoy taking a relaxing spa day to another level by visiting the Blue Lagoon. There’s no denying that the climate in the Nordic country is extremely different to our own, so what should you wear?

What to wear:

Rock bright hues that will make you stand out against the snowy backdrop when venturing outside — such as the Golden Circle tour. Hiking boots are also essential on this trip, especially if you’re moving outside of the city centre. And of course don’t forget your coat!

There’s so much more you should pack too… Think of roll-necks, jumper dresses and hoodies! Thermals and hiking boots are a must for external trips. 

Just because you’re in Iceland doesn’t mean that you can’t rock heels with that new dress you just bought. Equipped with a faux fur coat — you’ll be able to keep this in the cloakroom!


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