Kiko Haul

Kiko Haul

Since my huge spending spree at Sephora at the end of last year, I was hoping to be slightly frugal this year; only buying make-up once I’d run out of something. -but let’s face it, I’d be waiting a long time for that!

I’d heard a lot about Kiko Milano, an Italian cosmetics brand selling affordable make-up. One Friday while catching up with some of my favourite blogs, I finally caved! I called my friend Shrina, my perfect make-up partner-in-crime, and off we went to Westfield for a spontaneous late night shopping spree!

At first, I was completely overwhelmed by the extensive range, bright lights and the colourful displays. However, once I’d fought my way through the crowds, and seen what the shop had to offer, I found what I was looking for ..and more! 

It was unbearably hot in the store with no air conditioning and so Shrina decided to play ‘the husband’ and wait outside with the rest of our shopping bags! I had to brave it alone!

I bought the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation in Warm Beige 90 which is the perfect colour match for me. *Spoiler Alert* -I’m seriously impressed with this foundation! I haven’t loved a foundation this much since I was introduced to MAC Studio Fix Fluid, years ago.

This is a beautiful lightweight medium coverage foundation, buildable and long lasting. It’s easy to blends and looks very natural on the skin. It comes in a squeezy tube, making it very light travel friendly, and is a bargain at just £6.90!

Fortunately/unfortunately(!) they had a sale on certain products while I was there, so I picked up 9 infinity eyeshadows, 2 supreme eyeshadows, a lip liner and 2 blush duo palettes.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way, and they have a creamy formula, making them easy to blend out. Better still, they’re huge in size in comparison to a MAC eyeshadow, and I picked them up for just £2.80 each (normally £5.90).

All of the eyeshadows come as pan refills with a plastic clip on lid, which is useful for travelling if you only want to take one or two with you.

The palettes are sold separately, however, they’re fairly bulky, and the plastic feels quite cheap. I’m not a fan of palettes with individual slots, and, being a make-up artist, I have a few MAC Pro large palettes without the inserts, which I prefer, as I can put more eyeshadows and blush in than the slots would allow.

I’d selected 6 eyeshadows initially, and when I went to pay, I was given a free palette for 24 -It was huge! I asked if they had smaller palettes, and was told you can get a palette of 9, if you buy 3 eyeshadows, and a 24 palette if you buy 6. It was so confusing, so naturally, I picked up 3 more to fill up a palette, ..then I got 3 palettes of 9 –Strange!

While all of their make-up is affordable, the quality isn’t compromised and I believe it’s comparable to some of the high end brands. I believe they keep their costs low by using no-frills packaging, and pass the savings on to their customers.

I’m so impressed with all the bits and pieces I’ve picked up (except for the brush applicators that came with the cream eyeshadows!) I’ll definitely be paying another visit.

Do you have any Kiko faves?


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