My Top 10 Snapchatters To Follow

My Top 10 Snapchatters To Follow

Can you remember life without snapchat? I most definitely can’t. This time last year, I was still trying to figure out how to use it, but within the past 12 months, I feel like it has really taken over a lot of the other social networks.

I love Snapchat because quite simply, it’s just ‘real’. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram but unfortunately it has become extremely ‘filtered’ in the past year or so. I take pride in only uploading good quality photos on Instagram, whereas on snapchat you have no choice but to portray the truth. There aren’t many editing tools; literally only three filters, and it’s so refreshing to watch something ‘real’ and I love that about it.

The only thing that I don’t love is that it is very time consuming. I follow so many people and could easily spend hours every day watching their stories, but realistically I don’t have that much time. I still follow most of them and watch their snaps when I can, but, like everyone, I have my favourites. I always search for some of these people first as I love watching their snaps daily – I’m sure fellow Snapchat addicts can relate to this.

It’s easy to find interesting people to follow on all social networks, however Snapchat is the exception. To add people, you have to know their username/snapcode or they have to be in your list of contacts, and still, you never know if they’re really worth following, so I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

Side note – While I was compiling my list, I came to the realisation that almost all of the bloggers I follow on there are Irish. I’m basically admitting my unhealthy obsession with Irish people here, which all started in the early 90’s, when I spent most of my time trying to figure out which member of Boyzone I would marry! (FYI it was always Ronan, obvs.)

Anyway, so without further ado, here are my top 10:

@momfitnessdiary – If you’re a foodie, or simply looking for some healthy eating inspiration, you need to be following Ursula! She snaps her every meal, complete with step-by-step recipes, her fitness routine and healthy habits in general. I love that she has recently become a pescetarian, so there are a lot more vegetarian recipes on her blog. If you’re just looking for motivation, I’d highly recommend following her. 

@nadia_dailyself – Nadia just makes me want to grab my passport and jump on the next flight out of here! She’s set herself a goal to visit 30 countries before she turns 30, and I believe she has only 1 more to go – Impressive. If you’re into beauty and travel, you need to follow her.. Although her snaps might make you realise that your own life is plain ol’ boring in comparison. Sorry. 

@laurasviews – Laura is one of my absolute favourites. Not only is she hilarious, she’s very honest, opinionated and doesn’t have a filter. She just says what everyone else is thinking, and with her non nonsense attitude, she is just pure entertainment! She started as a beauty youtuber and has transitioned into health and fitness, having recently become vegan. Her snaps are a combination of beauty, fitness and giving her boyfriend a hard time -I promise you will not be disappointed! 

@waxpertsellen – Ellen is the ultimate Girl Boss; founder of Waxperts, an award winning wax. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year, she’s such a gorgeous, amazing lady. She snaps her day-to-day business and personal life; her partner Conrad (@conradjones13) and her son Cooper who’s just the most adorable kid! Not only is she funny, but when it comes to beauty and skincare, she really knows what she’s talking about and I would completely trust her recommendations. If you’re into skincare, and are a woman in business, you need to follow Ellen. You can thank me later!

@lovelygirlybits – No Snapchat list is complete without mentioning Karen! She is one of Ireland’s most trusted beauty bloggers, with a large following and I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious she is, you’re just going to have to trust me! She shares my love of scarves and buying pretty things for her blog, snapping her everyday life and her dog, Bailey. I love that she isn’t afraid to be seen with her face mask on, which I have nothing but respect for and if you’re wondering what on earth ‘pubicles’ are.. just follow her! 

@rosemarymaccabe – Rosemary is funny without even trying to be, which of course is the best kind of funny, in my opinion. She’s a freelance journalist and blogger; witty, honest and sarcastic which makes her so easy to relate to. Her snaps range from beauty, media and funny observations about life in general, although they mostly consist of her strolling through Dublin, unapologetically having full blown one way conversations to herself on her phone. – Also, her skin is flawless.. All. The. Time. (How does she do that!?) 

@retroflame1 – Erika is one of Ireland’s biggest fashion bloggers, living in New York, and her Snapchat is off the charts! She snaps all the fabulous places, parks and cafes she visits daily as well as her cute outfits, drinks with the girls and her latest purchases. I envy her amazing lifestyle and wardrobe, she has killer fashion sense and attends all the fancy events! Pardon the pun, but she leaves me in a New York state of mind! Be warned though, you may start planning *another* trip to New York after watching her snaps. Quick, hide the credit card. 

@lcscloset – Lorna is another fashion blogger living in New York, and her snaps also make me want to jump on the next flight out of here! I left my heart in New York and I love seeing how she spends her time living it up in the Big Apple with Erika, while secretly wishing I lived there. Watch out for her daily Empire State Building snaps, I’m pretty sure she’s snapped it from every possible angle in the city. I love seeing the different colours it’s lit in daily and what it represents. She seems like such a sweet, lovely, positive person and I’m definitely jealous of her Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle. These girls really are living the dream! 

@dyf-tamanna – Tamanna, better known as DressYourFace is a hairstylist and makeup artist based in L.A. She is seriously talented and can paint any face to perfection. Her transformations are jaw-dropping and she snaps her bridal makeovers, exclusive classes showcasing her student’s work and often gives step-by-step directions on how to achieve the look. Look out for ‘Makeup Madness Monday’, dedicated to opening blogger mail; It’s awesome getting a first look at products that we won’t see in the UK for a while (or ever) and of course ‘Tam’s Tantrum Tuesday’ which is pretty self explanatory. She’s one of the best MUA’s to follow, and her lifestyle is just simply fabulous. 

@burberry – This is a very random one to throw into the mix, but Burberry is one of the very few brands I follow on Snapchat, and their snaps are on another level! Not only do they live stream their catwalks and showcase what goes on behind-the-scenes at their fashion shows, their ‘editing’ is just perfection and a pleasure to watch. I have no idea how they take such high quality, seemingly edited snaps, but they are so creative and well put together.

They only snapchat in the days leading up to and during fashion week, which is twice a year and last year, they were the first brand to showcase their marketing campaign live on Snapchat, which was shot by Mario Testino! Genius!

Does anyone else feel like Snapchat is taking over their lives?

Leave a comment below with your top 10, so hopefully we can all find some new people to follow and share the love! If you’d like to follow me, my username is @nishi.v or just scan the image above.

Happy Snapping!


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