A couple of weeks ago, Jass and I got our first real Christmas tree thanks to Fantastic Services

They are a London based service company, offering a wide range of services from Christmas Tree delivery, oven cleaning, gardening, pest control, removals and much more! We opted for their tree delivery service, and aside from being super convenient in the lead up to the busiest time of the year, it was a brilliant experience for us.

Two professionals from Fantastic Gardeners greeted us with an extremely jolly, sing-songy ‘Merry Christmas’ as I answered the door to them! I loved that happy people always make me so happy! They carried in our beautiful 4-5 foot premium grade Nordmann Fir tree, unwrapped it, straightened it out, installed it firmly in the base and tidied up after themselves. If you saw my vlog (below), you’ll have heard me gushing about how impressed I was.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of the tree – it was incredible without being too overpowering. You see, up until now, we’ve always had the same ‘faux’ tree that we drag out of the garage every year, and as we rarely spend Christmas Day itself in our flat, we’ve always been content with our little plastic tree. Not any more though – I fear this tree has ruined it for us!


We also had the option of having a professional come and decorate the tree and flat (using our own decorations, of course.) I normally end up half heartedly decorating the tree myself, because I’m rarely in the festive spirit until I’ve taken part in some of the other fun Christmas activities, such as wrapping gifts and socialising over mulled wine – but the tree has to go up first.. right? Is that just me?

So of course I wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity like this – it’s pure genius! Another professional from the Fantastic Services team arrived shortly afterwards to decorate the tree and I think she did a fab job!

I must admit, I don’t love our decorations – I’d envisioned a beautiful real tree with gold baubles and accents of red (forgetting that we only had silver and white decorations for our tree last year)! I also had a feeling the real tree would be much bigger than our fake one, so I made a quick dash to the shops in the morning before the delivery – which was lucky as I still think our tree looks a bit bare.

I appreciate that the tree decorating service won’t be for everyone; I know many people get real joy from putting the tree up as a family, however I personally think it’s such a timesaver for this busy time of year.


Fantastic Services deliver in all London areas within the M25, their premium grade trees range from 4ft to 8ft tall and you have the option to book a disposal service from 2nd January onwards which is so handy! Their website is really easy to navigate and all you need to do is complete this simple form to book in.

You can also get £10 off your first booking with the code NishiV10.

T&C’s: This does not apply for regular domestic cleaning, locksmith, Christmas and childcare services. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage. 


To celebrate our first real tree – yes, that’s a thing (I never need an excuse to throw an impromptu party), we had a few friends round for drinks and nibbles which is always fun.

FYI – If you’ve never tried the Aldi chocolate and orange mince pies, you are seriously missing out. They were a huge hit last Christmas, even with those of us that don’t normally like mince pies! Yum.


So, if you’d like to see me gushing over my new tree and watch my (ridiculous) drunken attempt at ending a vlog, you can watch that below.




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