Simply Argan Pure Organic Argan Oil

Simply Argan Pure Organic Argan Oil

Oils are still having a moment and everyone seems to be obsessed with the multi-functional benefits a rich oil can provide. They are full of highly concentrated ingredients, making them much more effective than regular moisturisers, without overloading your skin and hair.

Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, contains antioxidants and high levels of vitamin E which means that it’s super nourishing. It’s the perfect ‘quick fix’ for dry skin, and mine loves it! – you really can’t go wrong with it.

I jumped at the opportunity to try the Simply Argan Pure Organic Argan Oil. The ingredients list consists of one product; 100% pure cold pressed Argania Spinosa (the technical term for argan oil). This is something you should always look out for; if it has any other ingredients in it, that means that the product isn’t pure, and therefore won’t be as beneficial.

This wonder oil is housed in a lovely frosted glass bottle, with a pump which distributes just the right amount of the oil. The pump makes life so much easier; other oils I have previously used had a screw cap lid which was very messy and it meant that I wasted a lot of product. It has a slightly faint nutty scent that vanishes almost immediately and can be used for lines, wrinkles, scars, age spots, acne, stretchmarks, psoriasis, eczema and dry, frizzy, damaged hair. – The list is endless.

Funnily enough, as soon as it landed at my door, I used one pump to massage into my cuticles and ran the excess through the lengths of my hair. – I always massage the excess into my hands and cuticles as they tend to be very dry in the colder months. This is the perfect moisture infusion, a great alternative to hand cream as the oil melts into the skin really quickly. It leaves my hands feeling extremely supple and soft without it ever feeling greasy.

Personally, I find the texture of this oil too thick to use on my face. I applied it in place of my night serum, and although it does sink in quickly and penetrate deep into the skin, I found it a bit too heavy for me. I would be inclined to mix a small amount into my moisturiser, however I’ve been loving serums at the moment, and haven’t quite figured out the logistics of which one I should apply first! – Any ideas?

My favourite use for this oil is in my hair; it offers a smoothing solution both before and after styling. I apply a small amount to damp hair, as I would a traditional serum, before drying and styling, and I add it afterwards to tame my halo of frizz and control flyways.

It’s so weightless that I can even use it on two or three day old hair to control the frizz. There is no product build-up because of it’s moisturising properties, doesn’t look greasy (unless you apply it to the roots) and just leaves a beautiful sheen on the hair – Basically, it’s a one-product-fits-all approach in a swanky bottle.

Have you tried this organ oil? What’s your favourite use for it? How do you incorporate oils into your routine?

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