Today’s post is from Jon from the The Money Shed; a large community website dedicated to working from home with a forum of over 6000 members, so there isn’t anything this man doesn’t know about making money online! 

Jon kindly offered to add to this post I wrote about making money online all the way back in 2016 and with his knowledge and experience on Matched Betting, I knew I had to take him up on it! I’ve always found Matched Betting quite confusing to get my head around, and I’m grateful to have him simplify it somewhat in this post below..

Everyone wants more money right? That’s a given.

Well my name is Jon and I’m here to show you how you can get more money and not just a little, I’m talking around £800+ a month!

For those of you who don’t know me I run The Money Shed which is the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home and also Totally Blogging which is the TOTALLY FREE Blogging resource with over 35+ guides that cover everything from setting up your first blog through to earning the most about of money you can from it!

Now lets get this out of the way first

This is not Gambling – If Risk was involved no one would be doing it! 

You do not need to follow sports – It doesn’t matter if you have zero interest in football or horse racing, this is ALL ABOUT THE MATH!

It is totally RISK FREE – Math makes it Risk Free and as we all learned at school, Math is ALWAYS correct! 

This is completely real – It’s been covered HERE in The Guardian and HERE In the Telegraph. 

It has no impact on your credit score – Some people worry about if Matched Betting leaves a footprint on your credit report that is visible to lenders and IT DOES NOT. All you’re doing is using online bookmaker’s accounts and they neither credit check nor impact on your credit score so you have nothing to worry about.

The money you can earn from it is LIFE CHANGING – During the Cheltenham Festival this year nearly all over us who do Matched Betting over at TMS made over £500+ in 4 days with a few making over £900 and with the likes of the World Cup happening this year there is even MORE money making potential! 

It is all just Math! – Boring, boring Math!

nishi v, www.nishiv.com

I’ve personally made over £30,000 doing this and have used that money to pay for everything from holidays to Florida to a new car and a conservatory (you can actually look up the #matchedbettingconservatory hashtag on Instagram to see!) over the last few years as it just takes a few minutes a day and you make constant profit.

In a nutshell Matched Betting is the process of using a mathematical calculator so that no matter if I bet on Chelsea to Win I STILL make money from my bet no matter what the outcome is! 

There is LITERALLY nothing to lose by doing this and trust me, the money you make will be completely life changing!

I’m going to start off by showing you how you can make around £45 right off the bat in 3 easy steps completely Risk FREE!

Now rather than give you some drawn out explanation about how easy Matched Betting it’s easier to explain if you just watch this 90 second video!

As this video shows Matched Betting uses a technique to over every eventually so you never lose!

1) Sign up to the FREE TRIAL on Profit Accumulator 

Profit Accumulator is what’s called a Matched Betting service. They spoon feed us new offers to do EVERYDAY and give us all the tools / calculators to use to make RISK FREE profit from them!

2)  Once signed up you will have access to 2 Offers. 1 from Coral which has a £20 free bet attached to it and number 2 is BetFred which offers you £30. You will see with each offer that you have easy to follow videos and have your hand held the entire time so you have nothing to worry about and are never left alone!

nishi v, www.nishiv.com

3) Once you’ve made your Risk Free profit by following the instructions you can either leave it there and never do Matched Betting again or you can pay £17.99 am month for Profit Accumulator and carry on. Now you might think WOOOAH £17.99 A MONTH!! but when you are making £600+ a month that cost becomes irrelevant. Heck, there are £1000 worth of sign up offers alone for you to get on with!

It really is as simple this week. Just this week I had another lady who started it who contacted me this morning to say they had made over £300 in 4 days and had only started with the Free Trial on Profit Accumulator mentioned above with a bankroll of £70! 

If you ever need any help we have a MASSIVE community section over on The Money Shed with people all doing Risk Free Matched Betting and earning a huge amount from it so feel free to come over and ask any questions!!

nishi v, www.nishiv.com

I hope you’ve found this post as helpful as I have.. 

I’m curious, have you ever tried matched betting? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and any tips you may have in the comments below.


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