If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you may have noticed that I often go from one extreme to the next. I either don’t wear a scrap of makeup during the week or I go full-on glam when I need to be somewhere! I’ve never really found a middle ground.. until recently.

My glowy skin drawer has more than doubled in the past couple of months and due to this I’ve found myself wearing a full face more often than not. Instead of reaching for the same old products in my travel makeup bag, I’ve been switching up my usual products and techniques and I’m currently really enjoying rocking a super glowy ‘no makeup’ makeup look – I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still use a ton of products on my face; they’re just ever so slightly more subtle and understated right now.


Here are some of my latest discoveries and new favourites.


The Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base* (Nude Radiance No.01) is a gorgeous, versatile fluid that can be used alone, as a primer, a highlighter or simply mixed into foundation. The smooth, silky formula glides effortlessly onto the skin providing a touch of hydration and a youthful glow while blurring imperfections. I’m obsessed.

As the shimmery particles are so small and undetectable, it’s perfect to use as a primer all over the face – the finish is incredibly beautiful and glowy. It sits well under every foundation I have tested it with, doesn’t separate or break down the formula and layered with the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, it gives me the most incredible faux-glow I’ve ever achieved.


I desperately wanted to fall in love with the Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighter* (Rose Gold No.04) – I mean look at how stunning the intricate lace-pattern design is! While it’s definitely the prettiest highlighter I own, I’m not sure whether I could justify a £45 splurge on a mediocre product. I can’t fault the shade Rose Gold though, it translates as a champagne tone on my skin which is ideal, however the pigmentation is somewhat lacking in my opinion.

I can’t figure out whether in true Burberry style, this is meant to be a subtle, understated product and therefore not highly pigmented or whether I’m being too light handed for fear of ruining the gorgeous lace detailing. Either way, if you were to ask whether I think it’s worth it’s hefty price tag, sadly I’d say no.


For almost half the price though, at £25, the Burberry Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen* (Nude Radiance No.01) is a nifty little twist-up pen to throw into your bag for touch ups on the go. The creamy formula glides really well onto the skin; both under foundation for a subtle glow and over foundation (my preferred application) for a slightly more intense look. Application is effortless; it doesn’t disturb my foundation, is easy to blend out with a damp sponge, brush or fingertips and the shade is just pale enough for my skin without it looking ashy. It’s definitely one I can see myself getting through quickly!


I’m sure the highly coveted Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow* needs no introduction. Priced at £38.50, this serum-like liquid is a great mix between skincare and makeup; it’s lightweight, dewy, luminous and adds an incredible glow to the skin. Much like the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, it can be used in multiple ways and I love how it instantly turns around dull, tired skin in a flash. Believe the hype – I totally get why everyone still raves about this!


The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow* has been on my wish list for longer than I can remember and I was overjoyed when this landed at my door, but does this sculpt and highlight palette live up to the hype?

Honestly? I’m still torn.

There’s no denying that this palette is just so pretty to look at and both powders are so luxurious and finely milled that they are a dream to apply. However, my only gripe is that the contour shade is ever so slightly too pale for my colouring. It’s lovely for an extremely subtle look, and in fact, it’s perfect to contour the nose as that can often be quite tricky to master – however, I prefer something a bit bolder when chiselling my cheeks and jawline.

The highlighter however, is stunning. There’s no shimmer, the formula is soft, buttery and easy to blend out and it leaves a gorgeous soft sheen on the skin – I’m in love. *insert heart eyed emoji*

I have found a way of making the contour work for me; I use it to set any cream contour I use and almost use this as a transition shade between my contour and bronze. However, for £49, I’m not sure it’s a palette I would be rushing to repurchase.

As a side note, the Medium to Dark palette doesn’t appeal to me either. The contour shade looks slightly too dark and the highlight looks more like a terracotta blush to me. If there were something in the middle with paler highlight (like the original palette) and cooler toned contour then I wouldn’t think twice about splurging on it as the formula is divine.


Though the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlight in Trophy Wife isn’t understated by any stretch of the imagination, I wanted to briefly mention it in this post as it is another new addition to my collection. Again, I’m on the fence about this one as I love how it’s so unlike anything else I own. The shade is so unique, and technically speaking, perfect for my complexion, however I just can’t deal with how shimmery it is. I’m not really one for shimmer and glitter anyway, but somehow it looked so different when the lady at Harvey Nichols applied it on me. Maybe it’s my technique or I’m to heavy handed with a brush, but when I wear this I just look like I’m sweating due to the shimmer – it’s not attractive, ha!


Again, I’m unsure about the Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone. While I adore how unique the shade and finish is, application is very tricky. It drags on the skin and moves my foundation if I apply it directly from the tube, while simultaneously coating the entire stick in my foundation as you can see – v. messy.

The formula contains a highlighter mixed with gloss to give you a natural dewy glow that only really catches in the light which is fab! For a ‘no makeup’ makeup day, I like to apply this to the highest points of my cheekbones with my fingertips to just lift my face and give me a little bit of oomph!


Have you tried any of these products? What are your top picks for that faux glow we all adore? Let me know your favourites down in the comments!


*Features PR samples unless otherwise stated. To read my full disclaimer, click here.

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