Last weekend, I attended a Manfrotto masterclass which consisted of three talks during the day; the first was with Josie from Fashion Mumblr who shared her tips on growing a youtube channel. She only started her channel around 18 months ago and currently has around 125,000 subscribers, so I was extremely keen to hear about her tips and share them with you all. Here’s what we learned:

  • Keep your thumbnails consistent.
  • Put keywords in your titles.
  • Use tags with keywords in them.
  • Think about what people are searching for when tagging videos.
  • Share your videos on social media to reach more people.
  • Include SEO words in the description box but make it sound natural.
  • Have a content calendar so you can plan videos in advance.
  • Make videos public immediately after uploading to ‘beat the youtube algorithm’.
  • Make the title sound exciting, without using click bait as you don’t want disappointed viewers.
  • Engage with other YouTubers by responding to comments and leaving genuine comments on other people’s channels.
  • Capitalise on current trends (if relevant to your channel) by filming and uploading quickly.
  • Don’t assume posting at popular times will work for you as your videos may get lost amongst all the other people uploading – find your own popular time.


The next talk was with filmmaker Jim Marks who talked to us about the importance of lighting. His top tips are:

  • Always diffuse your lighting for a softer, natural look.
  • If you don’t have a diffuser, you can use a white bedsheet.
  • Always sit as far away from a wall as possible to reduce shadows.
  • Take your camera off auto, as the only way you can tweak the lighting is by using manual mode and playing around with the settings.


Lastly, the Manfrotto team talked us through their tips on filming on phone, but as it’s something I have never done, I didn’t take many notes (sorry!). The one thing that I took away from this last talk is that you should always use a tripod to stabilise your videos, regardless of whether you’re filming on a fancy camera or a phone; you’d be surprised at just how much having a stabilised video can do for the overall quality – The G1 Shoulderpod Grip we were gifted is perfect for this!

Manfrotto have also kindly given me a discount code; FOLLOWR17 for an impressive 20% off at Manfrotto.co.uk.

Overall it was a brilliant, informative event that was very well organised. We spent the day in a stunning loft studio and it was so lovely to meet other vloggers and finally put some faces to the names I often speak to on social media.

You can watch my vlog of the day below.

I hope you find these tips useful, do you have any other tips and tricks? If you have a YouTube channel, please link it below – I would love to have a little watch!


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