I feel the need to preface this post by apologising for the poor photo quality!

I signed into my personal Facebook account the other day, for the first time in 2-3 years and ended up in a late night Facebook sesh of stalking old boyfriends friends, reliving my twenties through my tagged photos of drunken nights out and just reminiscing over the good ol’ days. If I’m honest, there weren’t very many flattering sober photos of me back then, so I’ll spare you from those..

However, I couldn’t help but notice that I used to change my hair colour as often as I now change my Instagram theme and it made me realise just how much I miss my purple hair.

Sadly, a bad combination of only taking photos in bars and clubs under terrible lighting, selfies not really being a thing back then and overuse of the Valencia and Clarendon filters on Instagram meant that I don’t have many decent photos of my purple hair to look back on *inserts crying emoji*

Nishi V

Case in point.

Notice the hashtags?

Let’s rewind back to 2011 – I used to have my own beauty business on the top floor of a hair salon and that was the first time I dyed my hair purple (see first photo). Now, I don’t know the correct terminology when it comes to hair, but I believe I had something called ‘slices’; chunky highlights all through my hair to give the impression that it was all one colour – without dyeing it all and damaging my hair.

I should point out that my hair always needs to be bleached professionally before I go in with the bright hair dyes over the top – so it’s a long and painfully slow process – it takes at least 6-8 hours for the colour to ‘take’ to my hair!

The first time round, I used Crazy Colour in Hot Purple and it still is my absolute favourite shade. I also think that this is the best my hair has ever looked, and though the colour used to fade every week, it didn’t bother me at the time as working in a hairdressers meant that I rarely washed or dyed my own hair at home.

The girls loved washing, dyeing and styling my long curly locks in between clients, which is something I (still) find to be a massive chore, so it was a win-win and honestly, the best perk of any job I have ever had!

Nishi V

I maintained it myself for around 2 years; had it bleached and left to fade all over again and this is what it looked like. Thankfully, dip dye’s were on trend at the time, so I wasn’t complaining!

Not long after the hairdressers closed down, I started to realise just how long the maintenance takes on a weekly basis, considering how long and thick my hair is and especially because Crazy Colour isn’t very long lasting! It felt like I was doing a full on arm workout once a week and cleaning up a purple stained bathroom; tiles, door, floor and all was never fun!

Sidenote: white pillow cases and towels are a big no-no as the dye transfers so easily!

Nishi V

I let my hair fade down to this grey-ish, lilac tone for a while – which, incidentally is bang on trend right now! I wish I knew how to achieve this again, but it was purely accidental and a result of sun damage as well as not topping up the purple dye regularly!

I started experimenting with other brands to see if I could achieve the same vibrant colour that I loved but I was looking for something that doesn’t fade as quickly.

After a few mishaps, I eventually came across La Riche Directions dye. I used this in the shade Plum and while it wasn’t quite as vibrant as Crazy Colour, it lasted for around 3 weeks (sometimes 4 at a push) which I thought was a great compromise. I noticed that this dye had a blue-ish undertone and so when it started to fade, my hair would have shades of blue and green to it.

The green was horrendous (and mostly due to sun damage as my hair changes colour all the time when exposed to the sun) but I loved the blue, so I experimented with the shades Atlantic Blue and Turquoise a lot too.

Nishi V

I don’t have many photos of my blue hair, but if you’ve seen any of my older videos then you will have seen it. I loved the blue, but my absolute favourite thing to do was to mix all three colours together and just hope for the best!

It’s been about a year since I last dyed my hair purple or blue, and looking back through old photos makes me miss the bright colours so much. I would love to get my whole head bleached so I can change up the colour all the time but sadly, every hairdresser I have spoken to has advised me against this. In all fairness, I honestly don’t think I have the patience (and money) to get this done either.

I recently bought this Schwarzkopf Live Colour & Lift dye in Ultra Violet in an attempt to regain my purple locks on a budget.. and honestly, it just doesn’t cut it – it’s so ‘meh’!

It isn’t vibrant, it isn’t long lasting and to be honest, it isn’t even really purple! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it on my story. At first it looked like a plum shade, but I realised that was only because my scalp and hairline appeared to have absorbed most of the colour. The undertone is red toned and warm which doesn’t really suit me and after 3 washes, the colour has already started to fade. It’s currently a muted aubergine/chestnut brown colour which isn’t ideal – I don’t hate it, but it’s very basic and not what I wanted, so I don’t love it either.

Moral of the story – you get what you pay for!

I feel like I need to stop reminiscing about my purple hair as I’ve come to the realisation that the cons hugely outweigh the pros – but I just can’t get over how nice it looked! I’m not entirely sure if there is even a point to this post, but I’m not ready to give up on my pursuit of crazy hair colour just yet!

I’d love to know whether you have any tried and tested hair dyes? Any advice is welcome!


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