I’m spending the first few weeks of 2019 travelling back and forth to Ireland thanks to a project Jass is working on in Dublin. I’ve always wanted to explore more of the Emerald Isle since our first visit back in 2014, and while the timing of his work project (weather-wise) isn’t ideal.. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an incredible opportunity like this! – Talk about the dream start to a year for somebody who has the travel bug!

He has a list of hotels he can choose all over the city, and we’ve been trying to chose a different one each week; ensuring his commute to work on the tram isn’t too long and that we’re not too far away from the city itself so that I’m not stuck in a hotel room on my own with nothing to do! There are weeks that we don’t need to be back in London, so instead of travelling back and forth, we’re planning to travel to other parts of the country too, which is very exciting!

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

A couple of weeks before Christmas, we spent 3 nights at the Trinity City Hotel.

On entering this glamorous gothic hotel, you’re surrounded by rich purple hues; plush velvet grand chairs, ornate gold mirrors and frames, heavy curtains that pool on the floor and the entire reception area is lit by flickering candle light and dim chandeliers. The décor is eclectic, but certainly unique as it somehow manages to feel cosy but creepy and grand at the same time.

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

Having woken up at 3am for a 6am flight, I was extremely grateful at being able to check into our room at 8.30am. In all honesty, the mattress could have been made of stone and I wouldn’t have cared at that present moment in time – obviously, it wasn’t. It was everything that you’d want in a hotel bed; clean fresh sheets and an inviting mattress that you can collapse onto and fall into the best sleep. The pillows were particularly great – in fact, they were better than the ones I have at home.. I could have happily stayed in that bed forever.

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

The room itself was spotless and a very decent size with plenty of space, considering it’s city centre location.  Like the rest of the hotel, the room was dimly lit, which initially gave it a glamorous feel but ultimately proved difficult to apply makeup and find anything if it dropped to the floor. The lack of minibar was a shame as I would have liked to buy and store my own dairy-free milk to make myself coffee in the room.

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

The bathroom was also spotless, and surprisingly quite brightly lit!

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

I went for a wander around the hotel, and discovered they had a few complimentary drinks stations dotted around the lobby area. One had a fruit infused water dispenser and a fruit bowl, another for tea and coffee, and the cutest one, which I’m sure is only there around the festive period was a hot chocolate station. It had everything one could possibly want to pimp their hot chocolate; candy canes, marshmallows, sugar and chocolate buttons. – Sadly not vegan friendly, but cute nonetheless.

I never feel comfortable eating alone in public, but I knew I’d have to while in Dublin. I found the perfect cafe just around the corner – Póg Cafe. Not only is it every blogger/instagrammer’s dream, the food was simply divine with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available. I’m sure I worked my way through every vegan offering on their breakfast menu that week.

The wifi throughout the hotel was brilliant; one of the best/fastest connections I have ever experienced in a hotel, however the dim lighting in the room and lobby made for a terrible work environment. I found it virtually impossible to even make out the letters on my laptop keyboard while I was sat in the lobby, never mind sit and work for a long period of time. Thankfully I’d discovered Pog Cafe nearby where a lot of people were sat working on their own..

Breakfast was disappointing, not just for the lack of vegetarian/vegan options, but in terms of quality and variety – you’d expect more from a 4 star establishment, and considering it’s steep cost of €18 per person. We tried it on the first morning, but this combined with the slow and shocking service, we chose to dine at (you guessed it!) Póg Cafe! PS – it opens at 7am, which is perfect for those who need to get to work for 9am! 😉

TRINITY CITY HOTEL DUBLIN REVIEW, www.nishiv.com, nishi v

This hotel is much larger than it appears to be from the street and location wise, I don’t think it gets much better than this! Trinity College is just across the road and Temple Bar, Grafton Street and O’Connell Street are all within easy walking distance, as are Tara Street and Pearse DART (train) stations and Trinity and Westmoreland LUAS (tram) stops on the Green line.

Overall, the general atmosphere; décor, rooms, location and friendly reception staff all get a huge thumbs up from me as this hotel is nothing short of beautiful. I would definitely stay here again!


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